I noticed that my last post was in 2009. I've left this blog unattended for so long. Well....no good reason for that. Got to start updating.....

H1N1 Dilemma

Our college is closed for 7 days starting today due to H1N1. Somehow, this eperdemic gives me a creep. I was not so worried when there were SARS cases but H1N1....really bothers me. Worried about my parents and my children. I pray that the virus will not get to any of us.

My delemma is that.....should i stay home all the time? The children will still have to go to school and i have to send them and fetch them from school. I guess, i just have to do what i have to do, huh. Will try to stay home as much as i can.

To all, take care. Be sure to keep ourselves clean and healthy. Try to avoid crowded places but if you have to go to that kind of places, do wear a mask and take a bath immediately you get home.

It's gonna be a very, very busy busy week end (this weekend that is). The college is having a program called OPKIM (don't really know what it stands for) but it has something to the with "Khidmat Masyarakat" at Kg. Ubai. And i'm one of the committee member to ensure the opening and closing ceremony goes well as it involves a deputy minister.

The opening ceremony will be at 2.30 pm on Saturday and after that i will have to rush back home. I have enrolled myelf in a pingpong tournament and my first game will be at 8.00 pm that night.

Last week, i was invited by PUSPANITA PKNP to participate in a woodball tournament this Sunday. I told the lady who called me that i have never played woodball in my entire life. But she said someone will guide me and the rest of the team. Well, i guess i will participate with the intention to socialize with the PUSPANITA PKNP members.

And in the afternoon, got to go back to Kg. Ubai as the OPKIM program will go on until Tuesday.

Huh.....i am feeling tired already.


I was driving back home from my mom's place at about 10.30 pm just now. Stopped at Teluk Sisek traffic lights. While waiting for the traffic light to turn green, i saw a guy from a car infront of mine threw a cigarette box from inside his car. I was really annoyed. I honked at him and made sure he saw me pointing at the cigarette box he had thrown. But being uncivilised, he doesn't even care of what had happened and drove away when the light turned green.....

Grrr......very annoyed.

Opps....that was on the 21 April 2009. Not that i forgot but really, really have no time to update my blog.

My daughter, Iffah Izzati, is 9 years old. (Cepatnya besar.....huk huk huk). We celebrated her birthday earlier together with my niece Nina.

Kakak.....I hope you've enjoyed your birthday and may Allah bless you always. I love you.

My cousin, Fauziah bt Abdul Rahman (Kak Yah), passed away at 11.30 pm on the 25th April 2009. It was very sad indeed. She had a major stroke. Her BP count was at 250 when she was first brought in to Kuantan Specialist Hospital.

Arwah Kak Yah is a daughter of my Mak Long, Puan Hajjah Rahmah Hj. Musa and Allahyarham Abdul Rahman Talib (the former Menteri Pelajaran Malaysia). She is a little bit younger than my mother (not sure of her exact age, but my mother is 63 this year).

May Allah bless her soul. Al-fatihah.

Once i thought if i pour my heart out, people would understand me better. If you think some thing is right or wrong, just say it out.

But lately, i really feel that being outspoken is sometimes not good especially when whatever we say hurts other people's feelings.

So the best for me is to think before saying anything. Avoid saying things that might hurt other people's feelings.

"Allahummahdini Wa Saddidini"